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At Cornerstone and Pusch Ridge Christian Academies, the curriculum serves the culture. Our students flourish in a robust learning community that partners with the Christian home and church.  Rooted in the Christian intellectual tradition, we focus on the development of the whole child: body, mind, soul and spirit. Our graduates are a reflection of our vibrant culture; they are servant leaders who seek wisdom and to glorify God in every arena of thought and life.

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Pusch Ridge Christian Academy –   M.S. & H.S. Latin, Foreign Language Department Chair

Ewing_Ashley_108In Ms. Ewing’s six years of teaching Latin at PRCA, enrollment in Latin courses has notably increased. Student love her relatable nature and her passion for teaching and keeping the classroom lively.

When asked to sum up one of her favorite teachers, one student simply said, “Ms. Ewing rocks !” “Whenever she needs our attention,” related one student, “she says ‘Carpe!’ and we say ‘Diem!’”

Ms. Ewing has a BA in Classics and Political Science from the University of Arizona. Now, according to Librarian Lori Abrams,“Her graduated AP students are legendary in certain U of A literature classes.” Her colleagues admire her ‘creativity, ingenuity, indomitable style and endless energy.’ English teacher Huntley Cooney describes how Ms. Ewing creates fun teaching activities that motivate and inspire her students, “She has Latin ‘graffiti’ walls in her classroom, and if you peek in during class, you might

find her class sitting in a circle on the floor working on Latin translations.” Cooney noted that Ewing brings the same ‘crazy, creative, fun and caring’ ways to her role as a Young Life leader. “She loves her students and relates to them very well.”

“Ashley Ewing inspires her students to think critically about what they are seeing or saying, translating or transcribing.” Like many of her colleagues in the Foreign Language Department she chairs, Ashley also goes far above and beyond the call of duty with planning and leading trips to the ‘other side of

the pond’ where students enjoy seeing first-hand the classical Latin world of Europe. She definitely lives out the name of our textbooks and makes LATIN ALIVE! Alive and well in the hearts and minds of her students at PRCA.”

Cornerstone Christian Academy – Grade 4

0009“She reads the best books!” “She loves reading, we can tell by the way she reads.” “She always uses expression when she is reading.” “She’s very descriptive in reading.” Mrs. Walker has a passion for books and loves to read aloud – and her students love it too!

Originally from Illinois, Mrs.Walker has lived in Tucson for the past 42 years. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. Mrs.Walker stayed home to raise her children and then returned to education. According to her students, “Don’t waste minutes!” is one of Mrs. Walker’s favorite sayings. She likes to get things done and do them well. They also say she’s beautiful, fun, understanding, easy to understand, kind, helpful and loving. She is in her twelfth year teaching 4 grade at Cornerstone and she is still loving every minute!

Other teachers describe her as encouraging, “Susan’s smile often lifts me up. She is so loving and encouraging to everyone. I admire her ability to smile and keep a positive tone in her voice–even when her patience is being tried.” Her fellow fourth grade teacher effused,”Master teacher, God loving woman, beautiful, my amazing co-fourth grade teacher, but above all…MY FRIEND! She is counted as one of my many,many blessings of which I am so thankful God has given me!”

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Math Department Chair, M.S. & H.S. Pre-Algebra, Course 3

Pusch Ridge Christian AcademyMother to three PRCA graduates: Scott ’04, Kristen ’07, and Kathryn ’11, Mrs. Linaman is regarded by fellow teachers, administrators and students as a wise, cheerful, patient, kind, loving and humble servant. Kendra received a BA in Elementary Education K-8 from the University of Arizona and passed the AZ state MS Math Proficiency exam.

Mrs. Lisa Wood refers to Linaman as an inspiring leader and “an incredible ‘idea bank’ of means to effectively teach the subject of Mathematics.” “Her love for the Lord is evident in her love for people, as well as in the ways that she sees the precision and majesty of God in the world of math.” HOS Mr. Dennis O’Reilly, a former math teacher himself, expressed gratitude for all the ‘countless hours’ Mrs. Linaman devoted to working on the Math sub-committee to review curriculum changes and praised her leadership abilities as department chair in motivating and inspiring the Math Department to excellence.

In addition to her thoroughness and ability to simplify a tough subject, students appreciate Mrs. Linaman’s sense of humor, her kindness and willingness to help, the riddles she poses to them, and her stories about life. Blessed with the gift of encouragement, Kendra inspires colleagues with her positive outlook and her strong work ethic. Pusch Ridge Middle School Principal David Towne summed her up, “Kendra Linaman is a true professional and a gracious and kind person who demonstrates what it means to be a Christian educator.”


M – Merciful

R – Robust

S – Super

B – Beautiful

A – Awesome

D – Daring

E – Energetic

This anagram was created by one of Mrs. Bade’s fifth graders. Other students describe her as ‘funny, sweet, nice, out of this world, and amazing.’ “She makes all the subjects interesting and unique, is funny and happy all the time.” A few others said ‘trustworthy and forgiving,’ and almost all commented on how much she uses the Smart Board! In her sixteenth year of teaching primarily 5th grade, Mrs. Bade knows how to teach and talk to ten-year-olds. She left a promising advertising career behind when she felt called to teach. Now, Mrs. Bade loves being a teacher because she gets to use the same creative skills as she did in advertising, but with the immeasurable satisfaction in ‘helping to shape a mind and a heart for Christ.’

Cornerstone Principal Jeff Jones remarked, “Mrs. Bade is the consummate professional and an excellent educator who exemplifies lifelong learning. As a devout student of the Bible and a passionate reader she brings a tremendous amount of head and heart knowledge into her classroom. Her faith and her ability to apply God’s word greatly contribute to higher level critical thinking skills which help shape the lives of our fifth grade students.”

Brown, CMr. Brown (Senor Brown) earned a BS in Finance and Spanish from the University of Arizona and is

currently completing his Masters in Education. A teacher for 8 years, Mr. Brown has been teaching for four years at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy. His students concur that Senor Brown is a caring, unique, intellectual, witty, adventurous, fun-loving teacher who is passionate about the Spanish language and Hispanic culture and people. They appreciate his immersion approach to speaking the language and learning about the cultures of the Spanish speaking world in unorthodox ways.

“Whether it is an article of clothing, a current event in the news, a meal to taste-test, or a phenomena sweeping the Latin American world, he is aware of it and will constantly be engaging the students and introducing them to this spice of life.” Principal Jason Clapero praised Brown’s visionary establishment of a cultural exchange program between Pusch Ridge Christian Academy and a Christian school in Guatemala, his deft implementation of technology in the classroom and his relational ability with students, “many students have cited him as being a key mentor and encourager in their spiritual lives.”

“Chad Brown is the complete package as a master Spanish teacher: energy, excellence, ingenuity,” said Librarian Lori Abrams.” He brings cutting edge technological application to his teaching: cell phones, videography,web pages and customized workbooks are all employed to enhance student participation

and language retention. Best of all, Mr. Brown loves being with his students –before school, after school, at dances and during the summer. Senor Café is famous at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy for many reasons: creating world famous chorizo burritos, being the best disc jockey ever, performing amazing acts of hilarious agility at school assemblies and Project Evergreen (Elf Brown time), and spending his summers introducing students to the beauty of Guatemala and its people.”chad photo

Hauschildt_Jack_14Mr. Hauschildt and sixth grade is a match made in heaven at Cornerstone Christian Academy – and has been for the past thirteen years. Many students stay on for sixth grade just to have him as a teacher. When asked to describe Mr. Hauschildt, every single student had something to say about how funny and ‘punny’ he is. “If you take the middle letters out of church, what’s missing? You are (UR).” And, unsurprisingly, one of the things he says he likes most about teaching sixth grade is that the students are old enough to ‘get’ his jokes.

He is also well known for his wacky tie collection and for occasionally throwing erasers at students.

Mr. Hauschildt was strongly influenced by his own sixth grade teacher and began his teaching career in 1975. After teaching around the world, including Papua New Guinea, where he taught missionary children for eleven years, he joined the staff of Cornerstone Christian Academy in 2000.

Principal Jeff Jones says, “Mr. Hauschildt has become an institution as the longest tenured teacher at Cornerstone Christian Academy. However, because he is deeply rooted in the Lord, you will never see praise and accolades go to his head. He is a shining example of a Godly Christian man, and his servant’s heart combines with a deep passion, wit, and charm as he mentors our sixth graders and prepares them for life in middle school and beyond.”Jack Hauschildt

Graphic1 (2)Mrs. Kirk earned a BA in English Education at Arizona State University and has been teaching for twenty-nine years.  In her eleventh year of teaching at PRCA, Mrs. Kirk routinely ends every class from day one to the last with the following exchange: Kirk asks, “Guess what?,” students reply, “What?,” Kirk replies, “You’re a miracle!” and students respond, “I’m a miracle!”  Her students describe her as a favorite teacher who is ‘encouraging, inspirational, authentic, joyous, helpful, enthusiastic, Mom-like, a great listener, relater, and a living example of Proverbs 31.’

Fellow teachers refer to Sarah Kirk as an “amazing mentor and role model, a dynamo who is an extraordinary problem solver, a daily embodiment of every fruit of the Spirit, a word woman who loves The Word,  an encourager, and a literary wonder.”  An inspiration to her students and colleagues, Mrs. Kirk has motivated countless former students to pursue careers in education and writing, and guided many more toward living life more abundantly.

Principal David Towne describes Kirk as “a masterful teacher who balances academic rigor with humor, an electric pace with genuine love for ALL students, and a passion to see all students succeed.  She not only teaches a subject but she teaches LIFE with Christ at the center of it.  Sarah is a Pied Piper for high school students.” As fitting today as it was sixteen years ago, the 1997 Tucson Citizen Student of the Year recipient wrote this tribute to her favorite teacher: http://tucsoncitizen.com/morgue2/1997/05/09/52787-tucson-citizen-student-achievement-award/

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